Personal Observations On What.CD’s Shutdown

What.CD shutdown back in November and since then I’ve been on Spotify. It’s probably the best thing to ever happen to my appreciation for music.

Yeah, I know. Put the pitchforks down and let me explain. I’ve been on What.CD since early 2012 and as the years went on I developed a bit of a bubble. I was listening to the same albums daily not because of my own willing ignorance but because discovering new artists and expanding my musical taste was very limited. It’s just not something What.CD did well.

What.CD’s shutdown allowed me to explore and experiment with paid services which eventually lead me to Spotify. I’ll admit that streaming music at first was a bit unappealing to me but now that I’ve been on Spotify for a few months I just can’t see myself listening to music any other way. The discover weekly and release radar features have been a much welcome change but the appeal of never having to edit an ID3 tag ever again is great.

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