Just Got A Nintendo New 3DS XL

So I broke down and purchased a Nintendo New 3DS XL recently. Along with it I also purchased Pokemon Sun, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Mario Cart 7. Oh, and Bravely Second: End Layer is on its way via Amazon.

While I haven’t owned a DS since the original back in 2006 I haven’t actually played a new Pokemon game since Pokemon Gold & Silver came out in 2000 (Well I did play Pokemon Go for a grand total of 40 minutes… not a fan.)

Currently about 3 hours into Pokemon Sun and I’ve made my way through Route 1 speaking to every person that I have managed to encounter. I really like the character customization in this game, changes to the battle mechanics (attacks such as growl and leer are effective for once and can have an actual effect on the outcome of the battle), and Exp Share was a welcome addition to my item bag.

What I really don’t like about Pokemon Sun is that the Pokemon Refresh feature feels a bit gimmicky. While I’m sure it was a great excuse to take advantage of the touch screen I feel it may be almost too engrained in the battle mechanics. Then there’s the constant handholding were you have almost no freedom to explore on your own for the first hour of the game. After that your friends and rivals are always just slightly ahead of you which always feels a bit gimmicky when you eventually run into them.

Still, I’m finding Pokemon Sun very enjoyable. I just have to remind myself occasionally not to compare it to something like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

I have Mario Cart 7 purely for nostalgia reasons as this was the game that all of my friends played during lunch way back when I was attending High School. Animal Crossing New Leaf is currently on my backlog although I will admit I did power it up for a short while just to test it out. I plan on wiping the map and starting over soon however.

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