Infinite Stratos 4-Koma

Back in 2011 when the first Infinite Stratos anime series aired I was a huge fan, I even rated the first season a 9 out of 10. Even though the last chapter of the 4-koma was published almost five years ago I didn’t get around to starting it until last June. After reading it at a somewhat casual pace (it was a great filler while waiting for other releases) I have actually finished it. I have to say it was quite enjoyable. The 4-koma consists of only 21 chapters spanning 2 volumes but it does a great job filling in a lot of gaps that the anime was unable to really touch on, focusing more on the personal lives of the acadamy students and less on IS combat itself.

I don’t pick up 4-komas often but I was quite fond of this one due to the nostalgia. I think reading this may have been more enjoyable if I had done so along side the anime however.

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