Currently Playing — December 2017 Edition

Here’s what I’ve been playing for the last six months of 2017.

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
I actually went out to purchase a controller for this game. I’ve been meaning to play the Atelier series since high school but never had an opportunity to get around to it. 85% of the fun is collecting resources and constructing new items. Once you get a hang of the formulas and how traits carry over it can get pretty addictive. Atelier Firis will likely be my next big purchase once I wrap this one up.

Slime Rancher
I purchased Slime Rancher back in February 2016 shortly after it came to Steam and played it for a while. Slime Rancher left early access in August 2017 and so I knew I had to revisit it, I’m glad so much new stuff had been added since.

Honestly I did get a bit emotional after reading Hobson’s last message in the glass desert. Only to get really emotional after reading the ‘Re: Life is different now’ message from Casey… Isn’t it weird how attached you can get to some two-dimensional charters that only exist in messages?

I still have two more treasure vaults to find, a few more 7Zee Rewards to buy, and a bunch of new stuff in Ogden’s Wild Update to check out before I’m willing to call this game completed.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm
I was a huge fan of the first Life is Strange game. When Before the Storm was announced on Steam I went ahead and ordered the complete season. Although I did have some concerns about this game being done by a different studio I think Deck Nine did a great job matching the tempo and feel of the first game. At this point I’ve played through episodes one and two, the third episode was released last week and I will be playing through that very soon along with its bonus episode.

I’ve had Overwatch for about a year now and it’s my current weekend time-waister. I’m really glad to see Mei’s Snowball Defense return to the arcade.

Quake Champions
As much as I want to love this game I just can’t seem to get into it. The crate system also drives me up a wall. Quake Champions is a bit of disappointment considering how much the previous Quake games (2, 3, 4, Enemy Territory, Live) kept me occupied throughout middle, high school, and my early university years. I will likely revisit this one again once it is out of early access.

A Hat In Time
This game is simply adorable, if a bit frustrating at times. Roughly 50% completed but unfortunately I had to put it on hold due to some recent burnout.

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