Using WP-CLI

I practically rolled my eyes when I was notified that there was a new update to WordPress available. It has always been a bit of pain ssh’ing into the server, using wget to retrieve the latest release, and blindly overwriting the installation. Sure it’s not the most demanding thing I’ve done today but considering how low-trafficked this blog is it’s still annoying. Wanting to still keep up with security patches I discovered a tool called wp-cli that helps automate a lot of things.

$ wp core update
Updating to version 4.7.4 (en_US)...
Downloading update from
Unpacking the update...
Success: WordPress updated successfully.

I’m a very happy individual.

Welcome to Otakkii

While I haven’t really put much thought into the direction of this blog I do plan on keeping things light-hearted. I have no expectations for this to become popular, it’s just a quite place for me to put my opinion and observations on the Internet. I’ve always been a bit of an introvert so community involvement has never been a priority of mine — hence why I’m here and not to something like Tumblr.

Expect posts to cover a variety of interests; technology, anime, video games, webcomics, and whatever I may have on my mind that given week.